Book 1: The Hands We’re Given

The Hands We’re Given, Event File 02

Available On   Event File 2 File Tag: Situation Assessment Timestamp: 19:30-4-1-2155  It was well after sunset when Aidan finally finished filling out the hours’ worth of base assignment paperwork and command invoicing to send to the Regional Hub, escaped back to his room, shut the door and tried to catch his breath. He never […]

The Hands We’re Given, Event File 01

Available On   Reader Advisement This book contains romantic and sexual scenes between people whose genders may not fit your expectations. If this offends you, consider yourself warned. Everyone else, buckle up for the ride.   Event File 01 File Tag: Orientation Timestamp: 0900-4-1-2155  The ancient Humvee rattled as it hit another pothole.On the other […]

A Wildcards Playlist, Part 1

A Wildcards Playlist, Part 1 *Note: All Songs quoted in the book are property solely of the authors, and are cited below in accordance with Fair Use standards • Flobots. “There’s A War Going On For Your Mind” Fight With Tools, 2007. • Flobots. “Sleeping Giant” NOENEMIES, 2017. • Flobots. “Rattle The Cage” NOENEMIES, 2017. […]

The Hands We’re Given, Event File 03

Event File 3 File Tag: Raising Morale Timestamp:06:30-4-2-2155 In the morning, Kevin’s tab pinged a message alert half an hour before he was officially on duty. Of course, the official duty schedule rarely matched the hours people worked on the Wildcards’ base. They had been working incredible amounts of overtime for months, everyone running ragged […]

The Hands We’re Given, Event File 04

(Missed a chapter? Order the book at this link) Event File 4 File Tag: Situational Awareness Timestamp:10:30-4-2-2155 By the time the gaggle of base mates had left his office, Kevin was hours behind where he’d wanted to be. He left the door open but pulled up his most archaic playlist in self defense, cranking the volume […]