Book 2: Call the Bluff

A Wildcards Playlist, Part 2

  A Wildcards Playlist, Part 2 *Note: All Songs quoted in the book are property solely of the authors, and are cited below in accordance with Fair Use standards • R∞, “1.6.1111.1,” 1111 (2013) • Don Henley, ‘Everybody Knows,’ Actual Miles: Henley’s Greatest Hits (1995) • Smadj, “Isotrope”, Equilibriste (2000) • Scandroid, “Aphelion (Instrumental),” Scandroid […]

Call the Bluff, Event File 01

File Tag: Base of Operations Timestamp: 10:00-10-30-2155 WHUMP! The explosion sent a geyser of dust into the sky. Base Commander Aidan Headly cursed as pebbles rained down on him. He crawled out of the empty cistern pit he’d leaped into and stood, trying to wave the dust away without much success. The grit settled on […]

Call The Bluff, Event File 02

  File Tag: Mission Assignment Timestamp: 080:00-11-1-2155   “Okay guys. Let’s hear it. Tommy starts, then Donny, then Dilly.” “Aw Kev, we haven’t even eaten —” Donny whined, but he didn’t get far. “When I can trust you to show up and take your quiz when you say you will, then I’ll stop interrogating you […]

Call the Bluff, Event File 03

  File Tag: Mission Evaluation Timestamp: 22:00-11-2-2155 By the time he reached his own base it was late. He’d spent most of the day trying to figure things out at Sector, and he still hadn’t come up with a way to tell the crew what he’d gotten them into. “Look out!” A splatter of bathtub-hot, […]

Event File 04

Want to read more? Pre-order Book 2 at this link File Tag: Mission Statement Timestamp: 08:00-11-8-2155 “So, you think this’ll work?” “No f-fucking clue.” Tweak snapped. “But I already spent a week coding them. If you got a better idea, you do it. Have fun.” Jim glanced up from the device between his fingers to […]