Book 3: Raise The Stakes

Raise The Stakes, Event File 04

Available On   Event File 4 File Tag: Mission Assessment Timestamp: 09:00-4-12-2156                                                                              The long needle slid down into the petri dish as Aidan watched.  “So what’s the holdup?” Janice asked, glancing up from her work as Damian’s careful fingers set the cell culture on its new nutrient base. “Thought we’d be raisin’ hell an’ […]

Raise the Stakes, Event File 03

Available On   Reader Advisement   Event File 3 File Tag: Mission Briefing Timestamp: 05:00-3-1-2156 “Kev? You up?” Kevin’s eyes flicked open. He sat up, blinking at the indistinct shape of his boyfriend in the gloom. The other man’s face was a blue-lit blur in the dark, the light from a tab outlining his contours […]

Raise The Stakes, Event File 02

Available On   Reader Advisement      Event File 2 File Tag: R&R Timestamp: 12:00-2-23-2156 They rolled Aidan’s bed into the recovery ward around lunch the next day. He didn’t feel all that into food, but he managed to get a nutrient shake down. He was happy when they left him alone to sleep. Kevin was […]

Raise The Stakes, Event File 01

Available On   Reader Advisement This book contains romantic and sexual scenes between people whose genders may not fit your expectations. If this offends you, consider yourself warned. Scenes of death and characters being outed under adverse conditions are included. Buckle up for the ride.   Event File 1 File Tag: Need-to-know Basis Timestamp: 09:00-2-21-2156 […]