Directory Of Known Corporate Entities

Employee Relations With Corporations:

Read And Comprehend

Every Corporation has a collection of subsidiaries and a great many companies under its ownership, giving the illusion of choice without the reality.  At birth or on moving to a new Corporate position, a prospective contracted employee or the parents of same is given the Corporate Charter and Corporation Mission to read. They are then required to sign the legally binding document stating that they will abide by the professional and moral standards of the company and understand the penalties for failure to do so.  

Corporate Sectors act as cooperating states in their own rights: each sells their proprietary services to the others, and have agreed on several across the board corporate agreements. You must be aware of the myth and the reality of each of these.

National Protection Act

Myth: Ensures national security. EagleCorp ensures that criminals can’t run from one Corporation to another after committing a crime, and act to patrol our under-populated areas against anti-socials living off Grid, known as Fringers. EagleCorp controls border security and prevents terrorism. EagleCorp will carry out arrests in all areas and monitor all behavior, to the benefit of society.

Reality: Eaglecorp is contracted to carry out the distastasteful or illicit work of all other Corporations as well as legitimate law enforcement. The laws of the Corporations have become arbitrary and subjective. Assume causing offense to leaders in any Corporation will earn arrest. EagleCorp is our most direct threat, and its enforcement, surveillance and drone network our greatest challenge to the return of a representative democracy. Do not believe what you were told if you were born on the Grid. EagleCorp is not protecting you.

National Citizen Standing Act

Myth: Ensures a national meritocracy in which people who work hard and live well are rewarded.
Reality: The system is unequally applied and arbitrary, dependent on the opinions of CES and CSS members of each Corporation and enforced by them on their subordinates. Do not judge others by their Citizen Standing Numbers. It is not indicative of their actions.

The Liberal Corporations 


A morally permissive hyper-meritocracy. Skill is prized. The employees are under Proprietary Information Contracts that stipulates the ownership of all their work and ideas by the Corporation. Indie companies are often started legally by members of this Corporation, but they must be licensed and affiliated with the Corporation to legitimately survive. Pirate companies are commonly begun, and commonly shut down.

Employees are seen as containing proprietary information, and communications are scrutinized for copyright breach in pursuit of personal gain at all times. Safeguard all communications in TechoCo-moderated sectors.

Warning: TechoCo’s policies are permissive, but be aware that it maintains treaties with each of its Corporate peers to maintain the Social Media Stream permitted to their employees in accordance with their Corporate policies. Maintain vigilance in your online interactions. Act in accordance with the policies for the Corporation whose employees you interact with. TechoCo WILL report deviant speech.


The most deviation-tolerant of the Corporations, Zoncom gives its people all the room they want to come up with the next innovation. Publicly they prize diversity and talents from any source, a recruitment tool used to poach talent from the Conservative Corporations. Be vigilant of personal safety in ZonCom-moderated areas: human trafficking of low-Standing individuals and organ profiteering is unregulated. Request further information from your base commander on safety procedures.

National Banking

Since this Corporation profits through the trades between all the others, keeping the status quo in place is a cardinal virtue. Peace, stability and loyalty are their highest virtues in public, but they have few issues with vice that is kept private. Theft and disturbance of the peace are cardinal crimes. Family ties are another source of stability, and many jobs are inherited. Security is extremely high.

This Corporation runs the Citizen Standing Program, aggregating reports on each citizen’s behavior and how much it deviates or adheres to their Corporate policies with the person’s credit score. 

Be aware that NatBank has an unspoken segregation by gender role. Women are placed in public-facing positions, men in managerial positions. Plan missions accordingly.


The Conservative Corporations 

American AgCo

The most conservative of the Corporations, this Corporation has monopolized all arable land and all food and food production services in the United States. It has installed Christian values as one of its cornerstones and intensively polices its employees’ morality. They claim to be the most morally superior and the most authentic humans still living.

American AgCo is in a covenant with EagleCorp to keep the Morality Laws. Obtain a full copy of the Morality Laws and read before entering AgCo-moderated territories.

WARNING! Do not enter AgCo premises if you are not highly experienced in espionage and fall into any of these groups:

*African Descent



*Genetically Modified

*Chemically Modified

Do not send female operatives who are unable to appear docile. Gender roles are enforced at CAS level and above. Ask your base commander for further details on the AgCo Morality Laws pre-mission.

Cavanaugh Corporation

This Corporation owns and manages all drug production and medical services. Cavanaugh is known for its Manifest Destiny complex tied into eugenics, known as the Human Perfection Mandate. All employees must apply for a Childbearing Permit and ensure that their child’s genome is screened and adjusted for optimum human traits.  Genetic issues are considered a form of criminal negligence. These include:
*Neurological issues

*Psychological issues

*Neuro-atypical thought

*Auto-immune diseases

*Sexual genders and orientations outside the hetero-normative model


*Any form of nerve disorder

Do not enter Cavanaugh-moderated areas if you have these conditions.

Argus Corp

A hyper-meritocracy, what matters to Argus employees is their projects. Their culture prizes dedication and intelligence. Do not appear unfocused in their territory. If on assignment, do not fall behind in your work.


An intensely ‘moral’ Corporation, EagleCorp keeps strict standards on what is ‘socially acceptable’ and encourages a docile society. They collect and report much of the Citizen Standing information outside the financial sphere, contracting surveillance, monitoring and security services to all their peers. Their culture prizes conformity, community cohesion and obedience to authority. DO NOT send any operatives who are not HIGHLY trained into EagleCorp-moderated areas.