Know Before You Go: Technology And Slang On The Grid

Dictionary Of Tech And Terms


Slick Tech- A poly weave embedded with micro heat sinks and low level EM disruptors that serve to hide the signatures of warm bodies and running machinery. A camouflage effect is given on the visual spectrum by fiber optics in the weave that ‘look at’ surroundings, but the effect is spotty: the tarp flickers as it reloads and has a tendency to break down. When disconnected from a power source, they appear as grey or camouflage-patterned.
Slick suits have similar problems; a watcher can still see ‘something’ moving. Never entrust your safety completely to the tech.


Holo Tech- holographic generators are used in every sector of life, creating flexible, space saving and movable screens for devices. Wearable models are available, but they have only a 3 hour lifespan without a continuous power source and are quite fragile. They *can* be implanted in order to use the heart’s motion as a battery,  but this is a risky procedure.


Tabs-Personal devices equipped for social media, communication, art, navigation, programming and a wide variety of other purposes. These are the descendants of the 21st century handheld computers erroneously called Smartphones. When activated, the screen can be projected as a hologram, allowing the user to utilize the screen as a keyboard.  Make sure your tab is secured and remove the Corporate registrations.


Stay-Wakes- Emergency supplements blending modafinil, dopamine precursors, adrenaline and serotonin precursors. These supplements are useful ON A SHORT TERM BASIS to allow prolonged concentration. DO NOT ABUSE. 8 day limit on dosages. BRAIN DAMAGE IS LIKELY AFTER AN OVERDOSE!!!


Autopads-  fabric built from polyglycolic acid chains (dissolving stitches) which can be backed with plastic. These medical tools are imbedded with a nutrient base and a culture of live human and pig mast cells and epithelial cells along with styptic chemicals, sealing wounds and beginning the healing of the skin on injuries. These are very effective on abrasions and burns, less effective on deeper injuries unless specialized pads with muscle cells and nano-bots imbedded are used. (these are more difficult to obtain) Trauma-grade autopads can seal a severed limb and begin the healing. Low-quality autopads can be as little use as a bandaid.

Nanoid tech- programmable nanoids can be used for everything, ranging from medical to industrial purposes, both legal and illegal. Material built with nanoids can be programmed to vary its composition, changing appearance and weight.


Runner-an individual with illegal body mods that hide their birth identities.

Duster- We are labeled by the establishment as terrorist, called Dusters because we eke a living out of the dusty wastes between city Grids. There are benefits. In the Dust, we are pioneering technologies that will make the Grid much more sustainable when we take it over.

Fringer- an unaffiliated exile from society who makes their living in the Dust. Often these people are ‘antisocials’ which can be anything from insane, to criminal, to morally offended by the Grid lifestyle. Be cautious.

Beta- a gene-mod ‘superhuman’. They need 40% less food than normal humans and drink 50% less water. Most need only 4 hours of sleep. The technology originated in China and is common throughout Asia and the African continent, where having children that consume less was believed to be a great benefit in the previous century It was applied badly in America, and Gammas are the result.

Gamma-the child of a Beta; they have many of the Beta traits, but genetic errors cause many of phenotypic mutations, a number of these being psychological. Be cautious. Secondary usage: a broken, damaged or mistaken thing or issue. A foolish thing or idea.

Corps- a pejorative common term for the corporations that operate America

‘Buds- ear buds; headphones