Democratic State Force Organization



Regional Commander: Coordinates and commands all bases in a regional Grid. 


Sector Commander: Coordinates and commands all bases in a Grid Sector. 


Sector Division Officer: Coordinates and commands all division activities in a sector.

Base Commander: Coordinates And Commands A Base Unit In Missions And Operations


Base Senior Division Officer: Plans, Organizes And Coordinates Division Duties

Base Junior Division Officer: Assists In Administration Of Division Duties

Base Specialist: Performs Essential Base And Operative Duties





Supervises, provides guidance, funding and direction for the Base, ensuring all activities and training are planned, coordinated and executed efficiently . Instills compliance with policies and procedures of the Democratic State Force as needed.

Logistics And Requisitions

Duties: Planning, developing, and directing the logistical operations of a unit. Acquisition of all base required materials and supplies. This division requires the officer to have experience in integrating the supply needs of general base, transportation, maintenance, and medical service into a cohesive unit and knowledge of surveillance and strike drone logistics and Grid protocols and undercover operations.


Munitions Officer ensures that Base equipment is in perfect working order and manages the development, testing & storage of munitions. Division oversees and maintains Base training of munitions and operations specialists in sharpshooting and Grid navigation. Maintains general Base training standards.

Hydroelectric Maintenance

Maintains all environmental controls and life support features of the Base. Provides design, engineering, project planning and Command advisement on the fulfilling of Base power, sanitation and water needs.


Provides medical oversight, expertise and leadership to ensure the fitness of the Base. Responsibilities include the strategy, development and implementation of effective clinical protocols that enhance quality of life and survival.