A Wildcards Playlist, Part 1

A Wildcards Playlist, Part 1

*Note: All Songs quoted in the book are property solely of the authors, and are cited below in accordance with Fair Use standards

• Flobots. “There’s A War Going On For Your Mind” Fight With Tools, 2007.

• Flobots. “Sleeping Giant” NOENEMIES, 2017.

• Flobots. “Rattle The Cage” NOENEMIES, 2017. Quoted Page 181.

• Midnight Oil. “Beds Are Burning” Diesel and Dust 1987.

• Twisted Sister. “We’re Not Gonna Take It” Official Singles, 2008. Quoted Page 198.

• Jonathan Larson. “Rent” Rent [Original Soundtrack] Disc

1, 2005.

• The Who. “My Generation” My Generation 1965

• Kansas. “Carry On Wayward Son” The Best of Kansas, 1999. BON JOVI.

• “No Apologies” Greatest Hits (Japan, SHM-CD, UICL-9095), 2010.

• Mischief Brew. “Roll Me Through The Gates Of Hell”

Smash The Windows, 2005.

• BON JOVI. “Raise Your Hands” B-sides & Rarities, 2005.

• Genesis.“Land of Confusion” Turn It On Again: The Hits (The Tour Edition) [Remastered], 2007.

• Rush. “Tom Sawyer” Chronicles (Remastered),1969.

Quoted Page 172.

• Don Henley. “The Garden Of Allah” Actual Miles, 1995. Jonathan Larson. “What You Own” Rent
[Original Soundtrack] Disc 2, 2005.

• Men At Work. “Snakes And Ladders” Contraband – The Best Of Men At Work, 1984.

• BON JOVI. “Bounce” Bounce, 2002. Quoted Page 89

• BON JOVI. “Work For The Working Man” The Circle, 2009.

• Mischief Brew. “Thanks, Bastards!” Songs From Under The Sink, 2006.

• Don Henley. “I Will Not Go Quietly” Actual Miles, 1989.

• Flobots. “Stand Up” Fight With Tools, 2007.

• The Gaslight Anthem. “American Slang”American Slang, 2010.

• Tom Petty. “Runnin’ Down A Dream” Full Moon Fever, 1989. Quoted Page 260, 262

• Mischief Brew. “Gratitude And Thanks” Songs From Under The Sink, 2006.

• Bruce Springsteen. “Born In The U.S.A.” Born In The U.S.A., 1984.

• Billy Joel. “Code Of Silence” The Bridge, 1986. Quoted Pages 198, 199.

• The Goo Goo Dolls “Iris” Greatest Hits, Vol. 1: The Singles, 2007.

• Barefoot Truth. “Drink To You” Carry Us On, 2011.

• Flobots. “Pray (Extended)” NOENEMIES, 2017.

• BON JOVI. “It’s My Life” Greatest Hits (Japan, SHM-CD, UICL-9095), 2010.

• BON JOVI. “Unbreakable” Have A Nice Day (Japan import), 2005.

• Mischief Brew. “Swing Against The Nazis” Smash The Windows, 2005.

• Debajo Del Agua. “Doublespeak” Arte Sano, 2007.

• Great Big Sea. “Chemical Worker’s Song” Up, 1997.

• Flobots. “Blood in the River” NOENEMIES, 2017.

• John Mellencamp. “Pink Houses” The Best That I Could Do, 1997.

• Flobots. “Related” NOENEMIES, 2017.

• John Mellencamp. “Authority Song” The Best That I Could Do, 1997.

• Jonathan Larson. “La Vie Boheme A, B” Rent [Original Soundtrack] Disc 2, 2005.

• The Beatles. “Let It Be”, Let It Be, 1970. Quoted Page 215

• Peter Gabriel. “Don’t Give Up” Shaking The Tree, 1990

(Note: “Hey Mickey” Word of Mouth, 1981, by Toni Basil is quoted on page 266. But it shouldn’t be
included on the play list. Don’t listen to it. S precious ears and
your personal pride.)