Travel Documents 18: Crazy/Genius Podcast


Genre: contemporary non-fiction, research, podcast



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The Dust Cover Copy

Big questions and provocative conclusions about technology and culture, hosted by The Atlantic’s Derek Thompson.

The Deets

The Scene

Podcast Setting And Staging

Using interviews, news clips and interesting guest speakers, this well-produced podcast is future exploration for the NPR set. It’s very well done and nicely paced, with carefully chosen music and great use of clips to pep up the listening experience.

The Crowd


 Derek Thompson is both well versed in engaged interviewing style and a witty, clever speaker. He’s enjoyable, interesting and has a great sense of fun.

The Moves

Podcast Pacing And Story Choice

 Stories that explore our present technology, extrapolate it into the future, and explore the heavens and hells of our own making that we may bring about are fascinating, eye-opening and sometimes uncomfortable in their reality. But they’re kept fun and engaging with good pacing and interesting pop-culture inserts.

The Vibe

Overall Rating

A great look at today and tomorrow.