Travel Documents 29: Dead By Wednesday

Thrills and Kills, Inc.: Dead by Wednesday, Volume 1

Kim and Sam Eggleston
Genre: Dystopian, spec-fic-comic

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The Dust Cover Copy

Dead by Wednesday is a series by writers Kim and Sam Eggleston that follows the adventures of bounty hunter Wednesday Daring. Follow Daring on her adventures tracking down the galaxy’s most notorious criminals, all with the help of her space slug, Andy, at her side.

The Deets

The Scene


The joy of comics is that, with the right artist, you can lay out a world in a series of neat images. And this work has the right artist. It has the right writer too, and things get off to an…interesting start for our protagonist.
Welcome to Purgatory, and the life of Wednesday Dare. In a few clever panels, you have an entire world in mind. And Wednesday has a day to start…reluctantly.

The Crowd


With bounty-hunter grit and sexy wit, Wednesday is a great character.  She’s got sass, and the skills to back it up.

And her friends aren’t too shabby either.


The characters are laid out quickly and well, settling them into the multi-racial universe they inhabit deftly. And Wednesday’s character is one that will stick in the mind.

The Lingo

Writing Style

Sly, wry and full of quick wit, this comic is well written and well-versed in its genre. It gets us through setup and into action without missing a beat. But it still makes time for unexpected tenderness. That’s a great thing to see in a comic.

The Moves


Nice setup, nice action, and a nice payoff that has readers waiting for the next issue. All the hallmarks of good comic writing. I would have liked a little more story in the first issue, but it definitely got me hooked.

Overall Rating

Raise a glass and read a copy.