Travel Documents 30: The Future Of Everything Podcast

The Future Of Everything

Wall Street Journal
Genre: climate change, cultural change, futurism

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The Dust Cover Copy

Discover what comes next with this in-depth look at how science and technology are revolutionizing the way we live, work and play. Join host Jennifer Strong every Wednesday as she crisscrosses the country to interview the leaders and luminaries reshaping our world.

The Deets

The Scene

Podcast Setting And Staging

Snappy intro music and a good choice of sound effects gives a  solid stage for the podcast story to play out in. I quite enjoy it.

The Crowd


Jennifer Strong is an articulate speaker with a pleasant voice when hosting in general, but she really shines when interviewing. She’s the type of interviewer who has a knack for drawing subjects and getting them to really express their passion or their concern for the point of discussion. She makes a great host for this show.

The Moves

Podcast Pacing And Story Choice


Clever naming of the episodes catches the eye:

The Next Battlefield: Connected, Augmented and Urban

Machine Love: Dating in the Digital Age 


The Price of Climate: Is Commercial Fishing in Hot Water?

but the attitude of the storytelling is what keeps you coming back. What I love about this series is that it showcases the clear-eyed, enlightened self interest of companies looking into smarter and more sustainable technology. Destabilized countries and dwindling resources aren’t actually good for business in anything but the very short term, and an awful lot of companies know that. Carefully and quietly, they’re moving us towards something other than dystopia. This podcast leaves you feeling both informed and quietly, cautiously optimistic. It takes work to give reasonable optimism in the world today. The Future of Everything gets my applause for that.

I also found this podcast a goldmine for little nuggets that may go into a book one day, which always makes me happy. It’s a great listen.

Overall Rating


A calm, thoughtful and quietly fascinating walk through the fields and labs where the seeds of tomorrow grow. I love it.