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Recorded Future Podcast

Recorded Future
Genre: Podcast, cyber-security

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Recorded Future takes you inside the world of cyber threat intelligence. We’re sharing stories from the trenches and the operations floor as well as giving you the skinny on established and emerging adversaries.

We also talk current events, technical tradecraft, and offer up insights on the big picture issues in our industry. Join the Recorded Future team, special guests, and our partners from the CyberWire to learn everything you want to know (and maybe some things you’d rather not know) about the world of cyber threat intelligence.

The Deets

The Scene

Podcast Setting And Staging

Good sound quality and pleasant intro music leads us into a fairly interesting interview-based podcast that, while not particularly issue-prone, could use a little more pep.

The Crowd


The host, pleasant and congenial as he is, could do a little more to steer the discussion. He invites highly skilled individuals to each podcast. But these individuals are, as a rule, nerds (I mean that in the most complimentary way). And nerds like to talk. They will talk forEVER if you let them. And this host…well, he does. He’s a very friendly fellow with good questions, but a slightly firmer hand would be a good idea.

The Moves

Podcast Pacing And Story Choice


This podcast is a wealth of solid information and fascinating real-world experience on technology, cybersecurity and the workings of our current and future world. It’s particularly good for folks who have already gotten past Cyberspace 101.  But it’s not a podcast to binge on. At times, it. Is. Dull. Painfully dull, depending on who the guest is on a given day. And that makes this podcast an unreliable listen: some days it’s amazing and laugh-out-loud funny. Some days it’s a snooze. I’d love to see the podcast do a better job of steering conversations in productive directions. The host remarks ‘stay with us’ in each episode as part of the intro…but sometimes that’s not easy.

Overall Rating


An interesting listen, but definitely not for everyone.