Travel Documents 41: It Could Happen Here Podcast

It Could Happen Here Podcast

Robert Evans
Genre: dystopian, near-future,  forecasting

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In this nine-part series Robert Evans will walk listeners through exactly how a second American Civil War could happen. Using hard facts, historical anecdotes and his own experiences reporting from two real civil wars, he’ll leave you believing it COULD happen here.

Each episode reveals more of our possible future, covering the mix of protests and terrorism that might spark such a conflict and walking through how the government would try to stop it. From drone bombs assassinating police officers, to a rural insurgency starving America’s cities, everything he will talk about is backed by real-world examples and the opinions of worried experts.

This is not conspiracy-mongering or a panicked shout into the abyss. This is a sober dissection of the Second American Civil War, before it happens.

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With the quiet sobriety promised on the can and a spicing of snark, Robert Evans explores how a modern civil war evolves and expands. He meticulously cites recent history and contemporary events around the world to explain how an Occupy-like protest could evolve into a civil war that will be far, far less clear cut than our first: there will not be two sides. There will be many. And there will be blood.
Evans explores this with a fictional, second-person introduction to each segment which introduces you to the current situation. He is honest about his own leanings, but he works to counteract his own biases and point out that there are troublemakers on all sides. He then explores the issues and the fracture lines of our country, and where the cracks could deepen into destructive fissures. He does this with quiet anger, with hard-edged compassion, and with a strange sort of hope. He’s telling us exactly how this could all go bad. And then he challenges us to do better. More than that, he gives us tools to do better: there are footnotes with links to groups that can help us heal our society, ourselves, and our country.

For this, I deeply admire him.

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Podcast Pacing And Story Choice

Roberts’ mix of powerful storytelling, analytical fact-checking, journalistic style and sound bytes weave themselves into a frighteningly plausible picture. But it’s a picture that motivates and encourages action. It’s a compelling and haunting work that pushes you to get off your butt and do something. Something to help, not to hurt.


Overall Rating

A riveting, disturbing and ultimately driving force of a short podcast. This piece reminds us that what happens next is up to us. All of us. And we have to know what futures are created depending on our actions.
It Could Happen Here reminds us to choose the world we want.