Travel Documents 61: The Jethro Parables

The Jethro Parables

Justin Fillmore
Genre: post apocalyptic, climate collapse

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The Dust Cover Copy

All is sand and dust
Civilization teeters on the brink of collapse as the last vestiges of humanity toil beneath an unforgiving sun. Jethro finds himself the unwilling hero of a tale that brings godless men, lawless bandits, and the savage people that inhabit the fringe into conflict. With his own past haunting his every step, can he find redemption?
It hasn’t rained in years. It may never rain again.

For fans of Ray Bradbury, There Will be Blood, and Oil!

The Deets

The Scene

World building

The setup on this one is a classic: we’re back in the Dust Bowl. The water is gone. The air is full of grit. It’s hard to breathe, and hard to see a reason to keep going. With hints of Steinbeck and a dash of Bradbury in both the setup and the storyline, it’s a classic American nightmare.

The Crowd


I honestly struggled to get into this one on account of the writing issues discussed below, but what I did see wasn’t all that impressive. The characters are Steinbeck or Hemingway in style, their internal lives kept close to the vest. There’s respect, but precious little connection or empathy. There’s power in that kind of storytelling when it’s used with care, but in unskilled hands it produces wooden, dull characters.

The Lingo

Writing Style

So, I don’t like to write harsh reviews. You guys may have noticed. But I have to say it on this one: this needs redoing. There are an unbelievable number of typos. A painful number. And the typos aren’t just little things. There are missed spaces all over the place, running two words together. That goes from the first page to the last, and it actually makes reading hard. Sorry, dude, but you got to get a proof reader. This is bad.

The Moves


A classic post-apocalyptic story of scarcity, hard work and unexpected generosity among great cruelty, it’s not a bad read in shape.

Overall Rating


This work could be really good. But first, it needs a serious proofreading.