Aces High, Jokers Wild




Aces High, Jokers Wild

A Cyberpunk Series






These are the mission files of The Wildcards. Officially Democratic State Force Base 1407, the Wildcards are serving in a new American Revolution. In 2155, corporations run the City Grids for a profit and own their workers body and soul. The Constitution has been relegated to a quaint document. Freedom is just a word in the news vids. But off the Grid and in the shadows, there are people fighting for a change.

Join the Wildcards in this Cyberpunk adventure as they fight to rebuild the country they lost, and play the hands life’s given them.

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This is a lovely paean to the healing power of respectful personal connections among comrades, friends, and lovers.
-Publisher’s Weekly


Learn About the Cyberpunk Series ‘Aces High, Jokers Wild’. 

Learn about the series one reviewer described with these words:
“A wonderful story with LGBT characters. If you’re a fan of dystopia and science fiction with true to life queer characters, this book is for you.”
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Who are The Wildcards? Meet the Crew. 

Refusing to give in to a system where wealth determines worth and employers control lives, the Wildcards fight for each other, and fight to restore representative democracy.

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To understand the threats waiting for you in this future,  check out the Alert Directory and the organizational structure of the Democratic State Force. If you’ve ever felt inclined to raise some hell, it may be time for you to join the Wildcards.


“A compelling and wonderful story.”

Kimberley Keane, author of Power Play


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Learn about the author, who calls the Rocky Mountains home and whose search engine history may– or may not– result in a federal investigation at some point.



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