Book 4: Aces and Eights

Aces and Eights, Event File 04

Available On   Event File 04 Event Tag: Mission Assignment Timestamp: 20:00-2-6-2157/ 10:00-2-17-2157 Kevin kicked the door of their quarters closed as he grabbed Aidan in another tight hug. Aidan was nearly dizzy with joy. He still couldn’t believe the message scheduling his final surgery had shown up. “The timing on this couldn’t have been […]

Aces and Eights, Event File 03

Available On     Event File 03 Event Tag: Security Measures Timestamp: 2-4-2157/ 2-6-2157                                                                           “Tweak, I could use a hand. Got any spare time?” “Yeah?” Tweak asked, turning in her coding chair and pushing her headphones off one ear. Kevin gave her a tired little smile. “This contact has me jumping […]

Aces and Eights, Event File 02

Available On     Event File 02 Event Tag: Required Reading Timestamp: 07:00-2-2-2157                                                                           Kevin began his work with the full mission description. Regional had sent the results of their little test farm up the chain of command, along with the results garnered by a number of Rest and Retirement bases who’d […]

Aces and Eights, Event File 01

Available On   Reader Advisement This book contains romantic and sexual scenes between people whose genders may not fit your expectations. Scenes of torture and intentional misgendering are included. Buckle up for the ride. Event File 01 Event Tag: Celebratory Occasion Timestamp: 16:00-2-1-2157                                                                     “Hey birthday boy! Catch!” The box sailed through the air. Kevin […]