Travel Documents 77: Flight of the 500

Flight of the 500

 C. D. Tavenor

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Genre: Far Future, Adventure

The Dust Cover Copy

Join Raith on the adventure of a lifetime: The QuanCom Five-Hundred Light-Year Classic!

A synthetic intelligence down on his luck, Raith loves to race. When given the chance to participate in a hyper-experimental faster-than-light space race, he welcomes the opportunity with open arms. He may have received more than he bargained for, though, as corporations and shadowy collectives fight over the technology making the race possible.

If Raith is to survive—to win—he’ll need the help of his new crew . . . and new friends. Together, can they defeat the hundreds of other racers all vying to be crowned champion of the first Five-Hundred Light-Year Classic?

Flight of the 500: a brave SciFi odyssey, ready to take you on a ride between the stars. If you’re looking for a fast-paced, high-flying space conspiracy, look no further. Sit back, relax, and join Raith on a faster-than-light adventure across the universe.

The Scene

World building

In this fast paced entry in the world of Tavenor’s ‘First of Their Kind’, this is a solidly built world a la The Expanse and Firefly: the tech is well-worn and grimy, the stakes are high, and the betters are going to the bookies, be they digital or be they hyperspace communique. In this hardscrabble universe, some people are trying to get ahead, and some are just getting by. Some people want to shine like stars. And then there are those who want to pull all the strings.
A fun and dynamic world, you’ll enjoy following the main characters through it.

The Crowd


Let’s start off with the main character. I was ever so slightly less impressed with the characterization of Raith as an SI (Synthetic Intellegence) than some of Tavenor’s earlier examples of SI intellegences. He felt very human in a ‘I’m cocky, I’m doing my thing, and screw everyone else’ way. He even gets in the occasional fistfight. But the descriptions of his non-human sensory experience is a lot of fun. Surrounding him is a solid group of interesting side-characters, both allies and enemies, which are worth engaging with and quite a bit of fun.

The Lingo

Writing Style

This book reads as a classic race through space: part Jules Verne, part Star Wars, part Oceans Eleven and all fun.

The Moves


The plot revolves around the work that goes into winning the biggest race to date, and all the sneaky things that go on in an event of this caliber. I don’t want to give too much away, so I’ll just say that this wild ride will not leave you without twists and turns!

Overall Rating

This is the perfect summer read: it’s a fun, clever jaunt, full of energy, danger and surprise. If you’re missing blockbusters, pick up this book.