Travel Documents 82: Sci-Fi Roundtable Podcast

The Sci-Fi Roundtable Podcast

The Sci-Fi Roundtable Team
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Welcome to the Sci-Fi Roundtable podcast, the show for fans of all things science fiction and fantasy.

Guests join Jon Cronshaw and Shane Thomas to discuss all things genre around the table.

The Deets

The Scene

Podcast Setting And Staging

The Crowd


I’m going slightly off my usual material to recommend a podcast that talks all things SFF. With a catchy, spacy piece of intro music to get you in the mood, Jon Cronshaw and Shane Thomas gather a wonderfully motley crew of guests from all walks of the creative life. I have a soft spot by By Fans For Fans projects, and the hosts know what they’re talking about here, because they’re in the arena right along with the creators. Shane Thomas’s works all live in:, and Jon Cronshaw is the author of the Wasteland series in edition to being the editor of this show. His work shows up at The hosting is witty, friendly, and supportive of guests. While not pushing anyone around, the hosts are also skilled in steering trains of thought back onto the tracks. Add to that the fact that the team is good at choosing both topics and guests, and it’s a solid presentation!

The Lingo

Podcast Pacing And Story Choice

The hosting duo’s choices of subject make a perfect balance between fan-favorites, writerly advice and really thought-provoking content.  Whether you’re an author, an artist, or a die-hard SFF fan, there’s something in here for you. Just take a look at a screen shot of the last four episodes:

This gives you a sense of just how varied and interesting things get! There’s solid support for marginalized communities and supportive, honest discussions of identities, and there’s also fun discussions of time-travel and drabble competitions. It’s an engaging and consistently amusing mix.


Overall Rating

A fun and engaging listen that will always surprise you! When you need a break, give this podcast a listen.